We’re excited to be a part of Alberta’s Stage 2 Relaunch!

In an effort to protect our community, we are following the Government of Alberta’s COVID-19 General Relaunch Guide.   We do this for the following reasons: to help reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 among attendees, incorporate procedures for rapid response if an attendee develops symptoms of illness, and to ensure that attendees can maintain high levels of sanitation and personal hygiene in our studios.

The following page will address some of the key initiatives that we have incorporated into our standard operating procedures. Please take a moment to review this information as some of our in-studio protocols have changed.


  • Book your class on-line (please no drop-ins).
  • Before heading to the studio, please complete the Pre-Screen Health Questionnaire that was emailed to you the day before your scheduled class, as well as, in your registration confirmation to determine if you’re fit to Lagree today.  Upon entering the studio, one of our team members will also verbally verify with you, if you’re fit to participate in a group fitness session before the class.
  • If you feel sick or unwell, please cancel your reservation and stay home (see T&C’s for details).
  • The lockers, change rooms and showers @ Britannia will be unavailable as will the storage cubbies and change rooms @ Signal Hill so please arrive in your workout gear and leave your bags in your car.
  • To further minimize points of contact, please bring a full water bottle, a towel (we won’t be offering towel service) & remember your grip socks (full or closed toe is preferable).
  • Please bring a mask as one is required when entering and exiting the studio.
  • We love seeing your children, but please leave them at home during this unprecedented time.
  • We have increased the amount of time between classes to minimize client overlap.
  • Existing clients: Please arrive 5 – 10 minutes prior to class start time.
  • New clients: Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class start time.  First Time Clients who fail to arrive in time for the instructor led introduction will not be able to participate in the class.


  • AHS approved disinfectants, with 24 hour protection, will be used throughout the entire studio including all equipment, bathrooms and high touch surface areas.
  • Clients will be provided with cleaning wipes and commercial grade disinfectant at every Megaformer to be used after each and every class.
  • Lagree YYC has always and continues to use a non-chemical ultra violet hydroxyl generating device that provides an environmentally safe solution for destroying airborne and surface based bacteria and viruses including COVID-19.
  • Staff will be trained on new cleaning and disinfecting procedures for each area of the studio.


  • Please wear a mask until you get settled on your Megaformer.  Our team members will be wearing masks too.
  • Sanitize your hands when you enter the studio.
  • Physical barriers have been installed at reception to protect both our team and our members. Please respect each other’s personal space and allow our team to assist you with any retail purchases.
  • Please remove your shoes and go directly to your Megaformer with your belongings.
  • All Megaformers have been positioned with at least 2 metres of space between each one and/or protective barriers have been installed between each one.
  • Please use the washrooms only if absolutely necessary.


  • You are not required to wear a mask while working out, but you can if you’d like to – just be careful as your ability to breathe will be impacted so please exert yourself accordingly.
  • Our instructors are not required to wear a mask while instructing.
  • Instructors will maintain a safe distance from class participants while still providing verbal cues.
  • Weather permitting, doors will remain open during class to allow for improved ventilation.
  • If you feel unwell at any time, please advise the instructor and/or CSR and they will follow our Rapid Response Plan.  Collect your belongings, proceed home and call 811 or use the AHS on-line assessment tool to determine if testing is required.


  • Put your mask back on.
  • The instructor will provide everyone with several cleaning wipes. Please spend an extra few minutes properly wiping down your Megaformer, Red Pole & surrounding area.
  • Take the disinfectant spray bottle, that is beside your Megaformer, and thoroughly spray all parts of the machine that were used/touched during the class and let air dry.
  • After gathering your personal belongings, please exit the studio single file (please remember all of your belongings as we will not be able to maintain a lost & found for the time being).
  • Please exit quickly (no visiting) so other class participants can leave.
  • Please sanitize your hands.


  • All memberships will remain frozen until reinstatement is requested by members.
  • If you have any Virtual Drop-In credits remaining in your account, you can use them for our regular in-studio classes.
  • As per our stated T&C’s, regular drop-in and class pack credits do not expire, but will require an extension after 12-months. You will receive an email advising you when you have credits that are due to expire.
  • Please note that you will only be able to book 1 week in advance.


COVID-19 has disrupted billions of lives with far-reaching effects on the health and livelihoods of people all over the world. This pandemic is deepening preexisting inequalities and putting immense strain on our society.

In response to COVID-19, we have all adapted how we live our lives, how we socialize and now how we exercise.  In consideration of the most vulnerable members of our community, we ask everyone to work together with mutual respect and consideration as we are only as strong as the weakest link.

If you have tested positive for COVID-19, or have knowingly come into close contact with someone who has, we ask that you do not come to the studio for 14 days or until you’ve tested negative for COVID-19.

Now more than ever, it is important to listen to your body and only return to group fitness with the understanding that you do so at your own risk.  If you are in a high risk category or live with someone who is, please make an informed decision.  By choosing to reengage in group fitness at Lagree YYC or elsewhere, even with enhanced cleaning protocols, you acknowledge and accept the additional risks associated with the global health pandemic COVID-19.

Stay strong. Stay safe!