Thank you for respecting proper studio etiquette. As if you don’t already know this stuff…

Time is of the essence so let’s make the most of it. Check the schedule and be on time so we can start on time.

Sweat is sexy, but not someone else’s! Please wipe down your Megaformer after each class using a disinfectant wipe.

Apparently it is illegal to chew gum in Singapore. Well guess what? The same applies @ Lagree YYC. Really though, chewing gum while working out on the Megaformer is dangerous so please dispose of your gum before entering the studio.

Only teenage girls are allowed to use their phones while working out, the rest of us aren’t capable of such ambidextrous feats so please leave your phone in your locker.

Unless you’re from Montreal, New York or Chicago, let’s keep the swearing to a minimum. We all know that it’s a _ _ _ _ in hard workout.

The foot is more than a fetish to some and a place for your Loubi’s (if you have to ask – don’t), each foot has 70,000 nerve endings so please don’t bring the street into the studio by wearing shoes in the studio (unless they’re Loubi’s). And don’t forget to wear your grip socks.

Grip Socks are essential to a safe, hygenic and rewarding experience on the Megaformer. The grip on the socks provides superior foot placement and insures that you don’t slip on your sweat. Grip Socks come in all styles and colors and if you don’t have a pair, we have a great selection for sale in-studio.

At Lagree YYC, you’re measured on the size of your sweat puddle, not the size of your rock so please leave your jewelry at home. Wearing lots of jewelry only limits your movement and freedom to really exert yourself.

Towels are provided & you’re gonna need one, but unless you want to take it home & wash it for us, please put your sweaty towel in the laundry basket on your way out.

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