In my class, you can expect:  A challenging and upbeat workout! Focusing on a slow pace while keeping your heart rate elevated, gaining strength and testing endurance all while having fun. 

What sort of music can people expect in your class?  A mix of hip-hop, rap, pop and dance – bangers can be expected, the vibe of the music is so important for a good workout!

If I was an ice cream flavor, I’d be: Toasted coconut from Village Ice Cream IYKYK!!

Breakfast, lunch or dinner?  Dinner because I know I’ll get my lil treat after 

Bird, Cat, Dog, Goldfish, Hamster or Pot Belly Pig?  One Golden Retriever please! Actually I’ll take them all – but for now I just have one dawgter named Maggie. You can find us chillin’ at the dog park literally every day.

When I’m not instructing Lagree: I’m probably chit chatting with my girlies and our pups or we’re at the dog park! During the summer I looove being out in the sun. 

Guilty pleasure:  A cheeseburger from Mcdons!!!

You probably didn’t know that:  I played competitive basketball for 8 years (shocking, I know, a short girl BALLING. OUT.)