Cheating with Lagree YYC: It’s no Laughing Matter!

With 10 Lagree YYC sessions under my belt, I have said goodbye to my training wheels, incorporating regular Full – Body sessions into my weekly exercise routine including a May long weekend session with Cassandra that left me gasping.

It was truth in advertising . . . Somewhere near the beginning of the class when my ears could still hear something other than my rapidly pumping heart, I am pretty sure Cassandra mentioned that walking might be a challenge the following day. On the other hand she might merely have stated “Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy . . .”

At this point, I must admit that all of the above sounds mouth-wateringly delicious.

I’ve been eating more like a bird for close to two weeks, having incorporated seeds into my daily routine . . . along with more vegetables, fruit, whole grains and nuts.

Adjusting portion sizes has been a bit of a challenge, after all who can really respect a steak that is comparable in size to a deck of cards?

Fortunately, My Long-Suffering Husband is always at the ready.   He is grateful for the additional protein and over the moon that he no longer has to share the potato chips.

Speaking of things that go crunch, Cassandra gets the award for introducing the greatest variety of abdominal crunches to a Lagree class in recorded history. Whoever said that laughter is the best medicine did not say so following her long-weekend Lagree YYC class.

Cassandra’s fellow instructor, Shannon H, who is also my holistic nutritional consultant, had previously advised me that after 7 – 10 days, I could slowly introduce back to my diet, one by one, citrus, eggs, dairy, yeast, corn and gluten. Citrus sat well, as did eggs. I now understand that dairy is a yellow light, meaning I’ll use it sparingly going forward. I have yet to see how I’ll fare with yeast, gluten and corn.

By corn, I am guessing that Shannon does not mean the kind sold in Sweeney Barrels with gobs of extra butter at the Cineplex. It will be interesting to see whether I can get through my next movie without Orville Redenbacher holding my hand.

For now, I’m finding all the entertainment I need at Lagree. There’s Milton and Shelley, for example, both of whom I’ve been avoiding for the last couple of days because they always makes me laugh . . . in a good way!

Like me, Shelley is relatively new to Lagree. A fitness devotee, she tells me I was wise not to waste my money over the past three and a half decades on other exercise classes and gym memberships.

“This is the ONE,” enthuses Shelley.

Many people who come through the Lagree YYC doors – Shelley included – also work out elsewhere, often with the assistance of a personal trainer. Some take and even instruct yoga or Pilates. Others maintain and frequently use gym memberships but recognize the value-add of a couple (or more) Lagree sessions each week.

Some have been known to arrive at and leave Lagree wearing dark sunglasses, wigs, masks and all manner of disguises lest they be caught cheating on their trainer or gym. It is very similar to the way I I’ve been feeling, wracked with worry that the area Frito-Lay rep might be driving by just as I’m hobbling out the door after a session with Kim, Natascha, Shannon or Cassandra.

Well, purveyors of junk food have good cause to worry about my loyalties because I’m on a sodium and fat-reduced whole foods mission.

But your gym-mates and trainer are still going to love you if you “stray” as far as Lagree. And don’t be surprised if you encounter them there! While Lagree can provide all the cardio, strength and endurance training you need, it can also be an important part of a more comprehensive exercise and wellness plan that allows you to remain true to your trainer as well as other exercise options.

Thanks to the support of Her Royal Lagreeness Kim Rothenberg, Shannon H and other members of the Lagree YYC team, I’ve remained true to my new healthy living plan. After 10 Lagree classes and close to two weeks of conscious attention to better nutrition and more active living, I am feeling better all day long and sleeping well through the night.

Though this may come as a shock to Cassandra – who did her professional best to break me the other day – I did a heart-pumping hour-long speed walk today.

Though muscle weighs more than fat and I am no doubt already building muscle, I’ve lost 5 lbs over the past month. More importantly, my clothes are fitting better and my energy level is improved.

All is well . . . as long as nobody makes me laugh!

Maxine Fischbein is a Calgary-based freelance writer and editor.

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