Certified Lagree, Pre/Post Natal Instructor, Medical Exercise Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer & Owner of Lagree YYC

Matt Cornfield

Certified Lagree & Spin Instructor - Chartered Accountant


Certified Lagree & Row Instructor - Research associate at the University of Calgary with a Masters of Science in Kinesiology


Certified Lagree & Spin Instructor

Emma Hilton

Certified Lagree & Barre Instructor


Certified Lagree Instructor


Certified Lagree Instructor, Orangetheory Coach, Photographer - Recovering Engineer

Tash Marshall Bean

Certified Lagree Instructor, Mastor Spin Instructor & Fitness Studio Consultant

Tracie Ward

Certified Lagree, Barre & Yoga Instructor - Competitive Triathlete

Melissa Danku

Certified Lagree & Yoga Instructor - General Manager Source Snow Boards

Shannon Hagel

Certified Lagree, Ripped & Spin Instructor - Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Brenna Snowdon

Certified Lagree, Barre & Yoga Instructor - Community Ambassador @ Sport Chek Women

Natascha Jurcic

Certified Lagree Instructor

Helene Polyniak

Certified Lagree & Pilates Instructor


Certified Lagree Instructor & Certified Personal Trainer

Emily Sztabzyb

Certified Lagree & High Fitness Instructor

Kate Payne

Certified Lagree Instructor


Certified Lagree & Yoga Instructor - Critical Alignment Therapist