In my class, you can expect:  Time will fly because you’re having FUN! My classes focus on the fundamentals of the Lagree method, with variations to keep you on your toes and feeling challenged. You’ll leave feeling strong, inspired, and ready to take on the day.

What sort of music can people expect in your class? A combination of top 40 hits and feel good indie pop/alternative.

If I was an ice cream flavor, I’d be: The classics: Chocolate or Vanilla…OR anything with peanut butter. 

Breakfast, lunch or dinner?  Breakfast! I’m a creature of habit and look forward to having the same breakfast and coffee every morning, along with some quiet time to myself.

Bird, Cat, Dog, Goldfish, Hamster or Pot Belly Pig?  Dogs – specifically my Vizsla/German Pointer named Frank who makes me laugh endlessly. But I truly love ALL animals… they are just the best. 

When I’m not instructing Lagree:  Selling software OR real estate, getting outside to bike, ski or hike, and creating content to share my life with others!

Guilty pleasure: True crime documentaries 

You probably didn’t know that: When I was 8, my family backpacked around the world for a year. I got to see so much of the world at such a young age, inspiring a life-long love of travel and adventure.