Class Descriptions

All our classes are 45 minutes. Class sizes are small; a maximum of 10 participants at our Signal Hill location and 13 participants at our Britannia studio. This allows instructors to give our clients hands-on attention to ensure they are doing the moves with proper form and providing corrections where needed. Each movement is performed as slowly and controlled as possible, which ensures low to no-impact on your joints. You’ll be challenged both mentally and physically; working your body from head to toe. Get ready to experience shaking and burning muscles like never before! The Megaformer will work your body like no other piece of equipment. Your core, inner thighs, booty, and arms will be shaking with enjoyment! Lagree will increase your body confidence while also strengthening your mind. We pride ourselves in our amazing atmosphere; the music, the shake, the people, nothing can compare.

Are you ready to challenge yourself? We’ll see you on the Megaformer!

Light-Full Body

Working primarily on the front of the machine, participants will be challenged in this 45-minute full body class. This class will prepare you for the quick transitions in our Full Body class while giving you slightly more time to transition into the next move. Movements are slow and controlled to increase the intensity of your workout. This class is ideal for individuals who are new to Lagree or prefer a lower intensity workout than offered in our Full Body class. Every Light-Full Body class covers all five elements of fitness (strength, endurance, cardio, flexibility and body composition). Taking one Light-Full Body class is required before you can register in a Full Body or Ass n’ Abs class. We do, however recommend taking this class a handful of times to learn the basics. It’s safe and efficient for all fitness levels.  


Full Body

Our Full Body class offers participants an intense Megaformer experience, while still allowing individuals to go at their own pace. This class will increase your overall strength, endurance, and flexibility. As always, all of the movements are performed at an incredibly slow pace, while also maintaining full-body control. To ensure you get the most out of your cardio, transitions between movements are fast. Although this class is intense, this workout is extremely safe and efficient for all fitness levels.

PREREQUISITE: Participants are required to have completed at least one Light-Full Body class before registering in a Full Body class (please contact us if you Lagree elsewhere and wish to attend this class).

Abs n’ Ass

Our Abs n’ Ass class is for the individual who wants a strong butt and core! This class still follows the Lagree Method which encourages slow and controlled movements. Our instructor will focus on exercises primarily targeting your abdominals, obliques, glutes, and legs. But don’t worry! This class still provides a full-body workout that will have your muscles completely fatigued. While this class is intense, it is suitable for all fitness levels. Get ready to feel the Lagree Shake in all the right places!

PREREQUISITE: Participants are required to have completed at least one Light-Full Body class before registering in an Abs n’ Ass class (please contact us if you Lagree elsewhere and wish to attend this class).

NOTE: This class is suitable for all fitness levels so get ready to feel the belly and booty burn!!

Arms n’ Ass

Our Arms n’ Ass class is for the individual who wants to work on strengthening their arms and glutes. After a core warm-up, and still following the Lagree Method with slow and controlled movements, the instructor will focus on tons of arm, glute & leg exercises until your muscles are completely fatigued. And because you’re working out on the Megaformer, you’ll continue to work your core the entire time! 

PREREQUISITE: Participants are required to have completed at least one Light-Full Body class before registering in an Arms n’ Ass class (please contact us if you Lagree elsewhere and wish to attend this class).

NOTE: This class is suitable for all fitness levels so get ready to tone your arms and feel the booty burn!!

Mega Moms

Mega Moms is geared toward any woman who is postpartum or even moms who haven’t exercised in a long time post baby and are looking to get back into shape safely, effectively, and in a welcoming, supportive environment.

Bring your little one or just bring yourself and experience a postnatal total body Lagree workout on the Megaformer. Bucket car seats, strollers, play mats, compact play yards or bouncy chairs (ie. Baby Bjorn floor bouncer) work well for babes. Baby carriers are a great way to incorporate your baby into your workout, but in this instance one foot must remain on the floor at all times. 

Bigger kiddos are also welcome, but need to be entertained with iPads, books, and/or toys and must stay close and in eyesight of mama at all times. Safety is the priority so only moms should be touching the Megaformer at any time.

Lots of modifications will be offered and you’ll be encouraged to go at your own pace as you increase your overall strength, endurance and flexibility. Movements are slow and controlled so you can stay in-tune with your body the entire time. What a great way to spend 45-minutes of your day with like-minded moms!


NOTE: We recommend starting this class no earlier than 6 weeks after a vaginal birth or 12 weeks after a caesarean birth. Mamas must first be cleared by their doctor to resume physical activity.

Community Classes: Light – Full Body

Lagree is committed to YYC, and we’re excited to give back to the community.  Every 3-months, Lagree YYC will ask our members which one of three proposed causes they would like to support. We are pleased to report that our members have selected Women’s Centre of Calgary as the current organization to support.  If there is a cause near and dear to your heart, please be sure to tell us and we will consider it.  

For every member who signs up for the weekly scheduled Community Class (Sundays @ 1:15 @ Britannia), Lagree YYC will donate 100% of class proceeds to Women’s Centre of Calgary from April 1, 2024 through June 30, 2024.

About Women’s Centre of Calgary:

Women seek assistance at the Women’s Centre with issues as diverse as poverty and hunger, family breakdown, parenting, homelessness, unemployment, health and education, immigration and settlement, domestic violence, isolation and loneliness, life transitions and discrimination. They may be new to the city, experiencing family breakdown, looking for work, or simply a place to belong. The centre strives to continue working with women after their immediate needs are met.  By offering a safe, open, drop-in space where women can use public computers, have a coffee and attend free workshops, it strives to create a sense of community for women of all backgrounds.

How to sign up: 

  • Book this class as you normally would any other class (through the MindBody app or the Lagree YYC website) using your existing class packages and/or memberships (please note – this does not include First Class Free or First 2-Weeks Unlimited pricing options).
  • Lagree YYC will donate 100% of the proceeds from each class to Women’s Centre of Calgary.
  • Our instructors are also donating their time and personal compensation to Women’s Centre of Calgary.


NOTE: This class is suitable for all fitness levels.

* Please note that all pricing and class schedules are subject to change without notice.  For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions.