All of our classes are 45 minutes. Class sizes are small; a maximum of 8 participants at our Signal Hill location, 13 participants at our Britannia studio and 15 participants at our Virtual Zoom classes. This is amazing because our instructors will give you hands on attention, making sure you’re doing the moves properly and providing corrections where needed. You’ll perform each and every movement as slow and controlled as possible ensuring that there is absolutely no impact on your joints. You’ll work your entire body from head to toe, including your mind, as you’ll be challenged both physically and mentally! Get ready to get the muscle shake and burn and know that positive change is happening when you get that incredible feeling. The Megaformer will work your body like nothing else out there………..your core, your inner thighs, your butt. Wishing you had those 6- pack abs and peach butt? Well, come workout on the Megaformer!

Sweat, shake, burn, get strong, have fun working out to pumped up music, and being surrounded by amazing people!

Light – Full Body

Working exclusively on the front of the machine, participants will be challenged in a full-body class offering slightly slower transitions between each move. This is an ideal class for individuals who are new to Lagree or prefer a less intense workout than offered in a Full Body class. This class offers a solid workout that covers all five elements of fitness (strength, endurance, cardio, flexibility and body composition). Though not mandatory, we strongly encourage participants to take this class several times before registering in a Full Body class.


Full Body

This is our most popular class offering participants an intense Megaformer experience while allowing individuals to go at their own pace as they increase their overall strength, endurance and flexibility. Movements are incredibly slow and controlled. Transitions between exercises are super quick ensuring that you get the most out of your workout. Although intense, this workout is extremely safe and efficient for all fitness levels.

PREREQUISITE: Participants are required to have completed at least one Light-Full Body class before registering in a Full Body class (please contact us if you Lagree elsewhere and wish to attend this class).

Ass n’ Abs

This class is for the individual who wants to work on developing a peach butt and 6 packs abs. Still following the Lagree Method and encouraging slow and controlled movements, the instructor will focus on tons of core exercises hitting the abs & obliques, glutes & legs time and time again until your muscles are completely fatigued. You will leave feeling shaky in all the right spots!

PREREQUISITE: Participants are required to have completed at least one Light Full-Body class before registering in an Ass n’ Abs class (please contact us if you Lagree elsewhere and wish to attend this class).

NOTE: This class is suitable for all fitness levels so get ready to feel the belly and booty burn!!

* Please note that all pricing and class schedules are subject to change without notice.  For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions.