The Lagree Fitness Method

The Lagree Method is the best core-strengthening, calorie-burning, full-body workout available in Calgary! It is performed on the patented Megaformer which consists of a moving platform that is manipulated through a system of springs, straps, and cables in combination with your body weight to provide resistance. All movements in Lagree are performed slowly and controlled to provide the body with an intense workout while putting minimal impact on your joints. This allows you to stay in tune with your body at all times, which reduces the risk of injury. The Lagree Method allows individuals with pre-existing injuries to engage in meaningful exercise while carefully rehabilitating the body. While all movements are slow and controlled, the Lagree Method offers a high-intensity workout.

The Lagree Method will strengthen every muscle in your body – large and small! This workout will challenge you mentally and physically while balancing, toning, and lengthening the muscles. It also helps to improve endurance, metabolism, fat loss, flexibility, and posture! The use of grip socks during the workout will inevitably increase the strength and mobility of your feet. Committing to 2-3 Lagree workouts per week will increase your performance in any other activity that you do, including (but not limited to), activities of daily living, competitive sports, outdoor activities, and/or other fitness classes. The Lagree Method will have you feeling like a superhuman that can tackle anything!