Frequently Asked Questions

There are no silly questions, but there are some questions we get asked more often than others. If we haven’t answered your question, please drop us an email or give us a call and one of our team members will be happy to assist you!

Q: What Is Lagree Fitness?

A: Created and continuously refined by fitness visionary Sebastien Lagree, our studio offers Calgarians the evolution of fitness through the ultimate full-body workout. This new and continually evolving workout method is suitable and challenging for everyone regardless of their fitness level. Private, semi-private and group classes are conducted on Lagree’s proprietary M3S Megaformers, an engineering marvel that has evolved over 20 years. Every session combines strength, endurance, cardio and flexibility into an intense, shirt-drenching experience on a gliding platform manipulated through a system of springs, straps and pulleys. Every move is performed as slowly and controlled as possible to make your workout incredibly efficient and effective while placing minimal impact on your joints.

Q: How Do I Sign Up For A Class?

A: You may use the convenient Live Schedule or purchase your sessions at the studio (in advance).  To purchase online, log in to your account (see below) and access our live schedule to check class availability. We accept Visa, American Express & MasterCard. All classes must be prepaid.

You can also download the free MINDBODY App for your mobile phone or tablet. This is the very best way to manage your Lagree YYC account.

Note: Clients are able to sign up for our regularly scheduled classes up to one week in advance.

Q: How Do I Get and Use the MINDBODY Mobile App?

A: After you download the free MINDBODY App onto your device, you can create an account with the same email address you’re currently using to book online. Once you’re logged in, simply tap on the search icon and type in “Lagree”. Please ensure you select the correct location; Britannia or Signal Hill. Then you will be able to see our schedule and book your next class. After you book, you can add us to your “Favourites” to find us again easily!

Q: Do I Need To Create An Account?

A: All guests must create an account. Even if you are joining us as a guest, it is important for you to sign a waiver to ensure your safety in the studio. You can create an account here. All client information is kept safe and will not be shared with anyone as per the terms and conditions of our privacy policy.

Q: Do You Offer Group And Private Lagree Lessons?

A: Yes! All of our classes are designed for groups. Since we encourage you to listen to your body first, everyone can participate at their own pace and resistance on their own machine. If you suffer from chronic back pain, painful joints or severe medical conditions, an initial private session is recommended to properly assess your fitness level. If you would like to schedule a private group or one-on-one lesson, please call or email us.

Q: Is There A Lagree Class For Beginners?

A: Our “Light – Full Body” is required for all first-time Lagree participants. While this class is intense, it offers slower transitions and modifications are offered to suit all fitness levels. Since everyone has their own Megaformer, spring loads can be changed depending on strength. This class is geared towards individuals who are new to the Lagree Method or desire a slightly less intense workout.

Q: Is The Lagree Method The Right Workout For Me?

A: One of the best things about the Lagree MethodTM is that it can be adapted to any fitness level. With the ability to adjust the resistance level on the Megaformer, the workout can be easily adapted to suit each person’s abilities. Also, all our instructors at Lagree are trained to offer modifications and more advanced options for each move. With every class comes increased confidence and strength, so we encourage all participants to go at their own pace and have fun!

Q: Can I Take A Lagree Class If I Am Pregnant?

A: If you’re an experienced Lagreeer and your doctor has approved exercise during your pregnancy, then the answer is yes! All our instructors are trained to work with prenatal clients and are able to offer modifications throughout the class to ensure the utmost safety and success. If you have never taken a Lagree class or only Lagree sporadically, and are pregnant, we do not recommend starting Lagree at this point as it is an intense total body workout with a strong emphasis on working the core. 

Q: Can I Take A Lagree Class 6 Weeks Postpartum?

A:  Since the Lagree Method is an intense total body workout with a strong emphasis on working the core, we suggest waiting 3 months postpartum before trying and/or returning to Lagree. It’s also important for postpartum clients to get approval from their doctor before returning to/trying Lagree. The workout is low impact and all of the movements are slow and controlled, which is better for your joints as they might be lax from pregnancy. If you experienced complications following pregnancy, please feel free to direct your questions to Kim. Otherwise, we would be happy to book you in for a private personal session before returning to regularly scheduled classes.

Q: Where Can I Park?

A: At our Britannia studio, parking is available on the street and underground on P1 in our heated parkade. Parking is free for 90 minutes if you register your vehicle at the Park Plus terminal which is conveniently located outside of the elevator. The parkade can be accessed from the back of the building off of 50th Avenue SW.

At our Signal Hill location, we have a very large public parking lot that is available for our clients.

Q: How Old Do You Have To Be To Take A Class At Lagree YYC?

A: We recommend that participants be at least 16 years of age as there is a degree of maturity and body awareness that is involved to get the maximum benefit out of the workout. That being said, children as young as 12 can participate in a class at their parents’ discretion. Minors are required to have a parent or guardian execute a waiver before they can attend a class DOWNLOAD WAIVER HERE.

Q: How Many Lagree Classes Should I Take Per Week?

A: One of the main premises of the Lagree Method is to bring your muscles to fatigue to experience a positive change. Since everybody and every BODY is unique, we all require different amounts of time to recover between classes. To provide your body with optimal recovery time and results, we recommend 2-3 classes per week. That being said, some people are able to take 5-6 classes per week. But remember, listen to your body, have fun, and reap the right rewards for you and your body!

Q: What Do I Need To Do To Take A Class At Lagree YYC?

A: Great question!

1. Bring a smile and a good attitude.
2. All cellular devices should be turned off or switched to silent during your workout to prevent any distractions in class.
3. Grip Socks. These are MANDATORY for class. If you forget yours, we have tons of different styles for sale.
4. Hydration is a must during any workout, so please bring a water bottle (please – no glass bottles). We have a watter bottle filling station if you need a top-up!
5. Keep jewelry to a minimum, if at all. Jewelry can be a hazard during any workout, so we highly encourage against it. 
6. Strong perfumes should be avoided in the studio as some participants may be allergic.
7. You should choose an outfit that works for you. Keep in mind, you will be sweating and stretching, so wear something that allows you to move and doesn’t inhibit your experience.

Q: What Happens If I Miss A Class?

A: Since we have a very limited number of spots in each class and high demand, we require no less than 8 hours notice that you won’t be able to keep your reservation. Unfortunately, if you are unable to make it to class with less than 8 hours notice, we will not be able to offer you a credit. For more information on missing classes, please visit our Terms & Conditions page.

Q: Do You Have Locker Rooms?

A: At our Britannia location, we have a spacious co-ed locker room. We also have a convenient private changing room situated in our locker room for your comfort. In addition, we have lockers with digital locks where you are able to secure any valuables you bring to the studio (we assume no responsibility for lost or stolen items). If you are in need of a shower after your workout, don’t fret, we have one of those too! Please ask one of our team members for your own key. At our Signal Hill location, we do have private washrooms for you to change in, but we don’t have lockers. We do, however, have coat racks and ample room in the studio for you to keep your valuables close by.

Q: How do I cancel an existing reservation?

A: In order to cancel a reservation, you must cancel through the MindBody app or through our website at least 8 hours in advance. If you cancel your class before 8 hours, your pass will be returned to your account to use at a future date. Please note that your class will not be refunded if you cancel any later than 8 hours before the scheduled class time.

IMPORTANT: You can only cancel your reservation through our website or the MindBody app. You are unable to cancel your reservation by sending us an email or leaving a voicemail. For more details, please visit our Terms & Conditions page.