Four Steps to Eating for your Workout: Step 1 – FUELING

20-30 minutes before a workout – SIMPLE MEAL OR LIQUID ENERGY SOURCE!

Think of your food as the gas to your car. If the tank is empty you will go nowhere. It is important to fuel your workout with healthy, easy digestible foods. A lot of people experience discomfort or nausea when eating too close to a workout. A liquid meal is a great option in that instance. Fruit is quickly and easily digested so it is a great simple low calorie carbohydrate option for those who can tolerate it. Green tea with a tablespoon of coconut oil is also easily digestible, gives an energy boost, as well as, healthy fat fuel for the body. Or another convenient source of energy fuel is HEALTHY energy drinks. Make sure they do not use sugar, artificial sweeteners or harmful chemicals as these will do more damage to the body than good.

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