The Lagree Method™ is the best core-strengthening, calorie-burning workout designed for full body conditioning available in Calgary. Moving effectively out of the borders of conditioned stimulus (doing the same old thing the same old way), this workout integrates the key elements of resistance and counter-resistance in a sequence that allows for periods of zero gravity at peak muscle contraction (you get more out of everything you do). The composition of this method is significant in that it encourages maximum exertion in a low impact workout thus reducing the risk of injury and also allowing individuals with some injuries to participate in a meaningful manner.

The Lagree Method™ strengthens the body, tones and elongates the muscles, improves endurance, jump-starts the metabolism, burns fat, increases flexibility and postural alignment, and restores the body’s natural balance leaving participants with the potential for a lithe and powerful body, resistant to the everyday stresses of work and life.

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