Lagree YYC Instructor Certification

What is Required

This program is for dynamic individuals interested in joining the Lagree YYC team as an instructor. Applicants are required to have completed their Level 1 Lagree Fitness certification (locally or elsewhere) and provide a copy of their certificate upon request. As the demand varies for instructors, not all applicants will be accepted to participate in this program as we simply may not be hiring at the time of application. Also, completion of the Lagree YYC instructor certification program does not assure the candidate a position with any Lagree studio including Lagree YYC.

What to Expect

Under the support and personal guidance of Lagree YYC founder and the sole certified Lagree Fitness master trainer in Canada; Kimberly Rothenberg will work with instructor candidates, on a one-on-one basis to prepare them to join the Lagree YYC team by building on the fundamentals learned in the Level 1 Lagree Fitness certification program.

Instructor candidates can expect the following, including but not limited to:

  • Access to additional exercises.
  • Access to Lagree YYC studios to practice when the studios are not otherwise occupied.
  • Kimberly will personally review and provide feedback on 10 workouts (4 Light Full Body, 4 Full Body, 1 Arms n’ Ass, & 1 Abs n’ Ass) that each candidate will prepare.
  • Instructor candidates will teach mock classes at no charge to participants until such time that they are ready to instruct.
  • Kimberly will observe several mock classes and will meet one-on-one with the instructor candidate to provide suggestions, answer questions, address concerns, and/or review subsequent routines. 

Where, When and How Much

  • Where:
    • Lagree YYC Britannia @ 5123 Elbow Drive SW
    • Lagree YYC Signal Hill @ Unit 385, 1851 Sirocco Drive SW
    • Lagree YYC University District – Opening in 2024
  • When:
    • This is a continuing education program and is not restricted to dates and times (see What to Expect for more information), but it must be completed within 4-months of commencement.
  • The Investment (in yourself):
    • $500.00 + GST
  • Terms & Conditions:
    • Payment is required in full upon acceptance to the certification program.
    • Cancellation policy: i) 100% refundable prior to starting, ii) Non-refundable once started.

What Next

Please complete the application in full