Lagree YYC Introduces Ski Bumz

Lagree YYC is launching a novel and effective seasonal workout.

Ski Bumz @ Lagree YYC focuses on conditioning, strengthening and injury prevention for skiers and snowboarders.

A full-body experience that combines strength, endurance and cardio in one efficient 45 minute fitness session, Ski Bumz focusses on effective and safe muscle recruitment, core strengthening and the prevention of joint and lower-back injuries.

“While all Lagree YYC Full Body classes provide a great workout, we are excited to provide a value-add geared specifically for those who are heading for the hills,” says Lagree YYC owner Kimberly Rothenberg.

“It’s ideal for competitive and recreational skiers and snowboarders who can practice moves they use on the hills; improve stability through proper muscle recruitment; and practice neutral spine and pelvis positions to prevent the risk of injury.”

Ski Bumz classes are held on Thursdays at Noon, led by Shannon Taylor, a veteran fitness, snowboard and ski instructor and former competitive skier. A Lake Louise regular, Shannon is an avid snowboarder with a specific interest in injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Like other Lagree classes, Ski Bumz is designed to engage all muscle groups, bringing slow-twitch muscles to fatigue. Exercises focus on ski and snowboard form, muscle coordination and strength, and prevention of overcompensations and imbalances.

Strengthening hamstrings, balancing overused quads and protecting knees and hips can help skiers and snowboarders as can building up obliques, quadriceps and gluteus muscles to ensure the safety and stability of knee and hip joints.

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