Let it Snow, Let it Snow. . . Lagree YYC’s a No-Grinch Zone!

Nothing gives me a better workout than coming up with creative reasons why I don’t have time for a workout. Fortunately, Our Ladies of Lagree and High Priestess Kim Rothenberg won’t take no for an answer. “No time” doesn’t cut it. Neither, apparently, does “no money” or even “baby it’s cold outside.”

No doubt the downturn in the economy is making it difficult for many folks to keep up with their fitness regimens. Unfortunately, that effect takes hold right about the time we need the benefits of exercise the most.

“Stress levels are high these days and people are having to make difficult choices because of layoffs or additional work demands as those with jobs face greater work volume,” says Kim.

“It is at stressful moments like these that we need to work hard to maintain fitness routines. It’s all about keeping strong and balanced while pumping out feel-good endorphins that help us through life’s toughest moments.”

Like so many other things in our lives, when it comes to fitness, actions speak louder than words. And the good folks at Lagree YYC are acting to ensure that it is easier than ever to get to the studio and stay strong.

Let it snow, let is snow, let it snow . . . now that Lagree is offering 90 minute complimentary indoor parking through the end of December. That will give you enough time to park, visit a bit with staff and fellow classmates, become one with your Megaformer, dry your sweat and get back to your nice warm vehicle with time to spare.

“Lagree is enough of a workout,” says Lagree YYC First Gentleman Leonard Seidman. “Parking shouldn’t be!”

A little stiffness and soreness is a common side effect of the Lagree workout since the goal is to work slow-twitch muscles to the point of fatigue. But Lagree YYC wants to reduce the pain that many are feeling in their pocketbooks, especially with the approach of the Holiday Season.

New Low Price_RectangleThat’s why they’ve introduced $20 drop-in rates for their Mega Mommies and Macho Men classes. Mega Mommies is the perfect opportunity for young moms to bring their car seat portable babes to classes that are specially designed to assist postpartum moms in building back up their strength and endurance.

Macho Men classes provide a testosterone-laden environment that allows the guys to sweat profusely as they pump up with additional weight training.

StudentDiscount Enrolled in High School or post secondary studies? Show your student ID and you qualify for the $20 Starving Student Special!

Best news ever . . . you don’t have to be a postpartum mom, a macho man or a student to enjoy reduced drop-in and class-pack pricing. Go to LagreeYYC.com or ask for details the next time you’re at the studio. Class-packs make for a great Holiday gift!

Also on the gift front, Lagree has the perfect alternative to tacky holiday sweaters. Treat your Lagree sweat-ie (or yourself!) to a wonderful pair of Toe Sox from their new winter offerings and/or a new water bottle from Clean Bottle – created by Apple designers.

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