Mega Mommies Workout for New Moms

Lagree YYC has launched a new workout that encourages new moms to get back into shape in the company of other women and their new little arrivals.

“This is a great way for moms to get back in the exercise groove while socializing within arms’ length of their new babies,” says Lagree YYC owner Kimberly Rothenberg, herself a certified pre- and post-natal fitness specialist and mother of four.

The first Mega Mommies classes, held on Tuesdays beginning September 22, 2015, will be instructed by Jessica Olstad, herself an experienced fitness instructor and new mom.

The Mega Mommies workouts – performed on the patented Megaformer – take into account the changes and stresses new moms experience during and after pregnancy. This helps them to build their core strength and endurance, making it easier to lift and carry babies, juggle car seats and strollers, and enjoy various activities with growing kids.

“We are dedicated to helping young moms get stronger with an exercise routine that can help them feel more energized, sleep better and fit back into their pre-pregnancy clothing before they know it,” says Rothenberg.

The 45-minute Pilates-inspired routine engages all muscle groups for a workout that, while intense, is easy on the joints. This is particularly important for postpartum moms whose joints and ligaments are often looser than usual.

Before beginning an exercise program at Lagree YYC, moms must receive clearance from their physicians. Participants are encouraged to bring their babies with them for as long as they are in their car seats.

Launched in February 2015, Lagree YYC is the first to introduce Calgarians to a low impact, high intensity workout that makes exercise more efficient and effective because of the innovative Megaformer, a moving platform manipulated through a system of springs, straps and pulleys that uses body weight to provide resistance.

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