New Classes – Expanded Schedule

Full Body @ Lagree YYC
Expanded Schedule – New Classes @ 8:30am, 4:30pm & 7:30pm

  • Full Body @ Lagree YYC is a 45 minute workout on the patented Megaformer and is suitable for all fitness levels. This total body workout uses slow and controlled movements to work muscles to fatigue. Although intense, this workout is extremely safe and efficient. There is absolutely no impact on the joints. Class sizes are small, a maximum of 12 participants per class, which allows instructors to give personalized attention. With hundreds of moves and many different resistancelevels, every class is unique enabling the participant to be constantly challenged and engaged.

Light – Full Body @ Lagree YYC
Starting on September 21stEveryday @ 10:30am

  • Light – Full Body @ Lagree YYC is a 45 minute workout on the patented Megaformer that offers slower transitions, fewer exercises and more breaks. Extra time is spent in each exercise with a strong focus on technique and body alignment. This class is geared towards individuals who are new to the Lagree Method or desire a modified and less intense workout.

Mega Mommies @ Lagree YYC
Starting on September 22nd – Every Tuesday @ 1:30pm

  • Mega Mommies @ Lagree YYC: New moms can experience the Lagree Method in a non-judgmental, relaxed atmosphere while being able to have their babies right by their sides (if they’re still in a “baby bucket”). This 45 minute workout, on the patented Megaformer, will focus on targeting the areas that the postnatal mom can benefit from: strengthening abs, glutes and upperbody, as well as, stretching tight hip flexors and hamstrings.

Macho Men @ Lagree YYC
Starting on September 24th – Every Thursday @ 7:30pm

  • Macho Men @ Lagree YYC: Tired of being shown up by the ladies??? Macho Men @ Lagree YYC is a 45 minute workout on the patented Megaformer for the guys’ guy who’s looking for a hard core, intense total body experience without the fluff. This men’s only class uses heavier resistance and incorporates more upper-body exercises to help you build muscle, get stronger and become more defined in the areas that matter most, or at least the areas that your mother talks about!

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