Of Bellies and Glutes

After two weeks of vacation, it is almost a relief to walk back through the doors of Lagree YYC.

Here is what I discover after two weeks of slothful indulgence: The self-righteous aches I feel after a great workout are much more satisfying than those that creep up on me when I stay too long in a reclining position making only the most urgent decisions along the lines of “should I apply more sunscreen and attempt to flip myself” and “which fruity beverage might I try next”.

Len, who is sweating next to me, kindly observes that I haven’t gained weight during my recent Lagree-free shenanigans. I readily agree, discounting two pounds that can be chalked up to travel bloat and which shall surely evaporate before my guilt forces me to own up to the lie.

Shannon H is leading the class and she has some great news. After admitting a few dietary indiscretions of her own while she was on holidays and grabbing at some imaginary mid-section flesh to illustrate the point, she relates the happy news that she has a second child on the way.

I am so excited for our resident earth mother that I nearly fall off my Megaformer!

As a number of pregnancies have been noted lately in the Lagree circle, Len warns everyone that the condition could be contagious. I laugh as hard as my near-paralyzed obliques will allow at the thought of another pregnancy which, given my advanced years, would surely be written up in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Just as I pull myself together in the lobby after 45 minutes of steady physical challenge punctuated by occasional bursts of hilarity, my Lagree classmate Chris Welner – Editor of Impact Magazine – shares a mac & cheese story from Gordon Ramsay that finishes me off entirely, leaving me gasping for air in the lobby.

I am dying to share it with you but I can’t scoop Chris. So be sure to watch for his story on the world’s Master Chef in the next issue of IMPACT Magazine or online at www.impactmagazine.ca.

And, finally, some potentially helpful information for Lagree-curious pregos . . .

Lagree can be a great workout both pre- and post-natal. Although intense, the method is low impact – emphasizing movements that are slow and controlled. It is therefore easier on the ligaments and joints of expectant and recent moms, which are often lax due to increased levels of progesterone.

Whether pre- or post-natal, women should always check first with their doctors to find out what is and isn’t advisable for them. Same goes for anyone with other specific conditions or health concerns.

Many of the Lagree YYC instructors are knowledgeable about pre- and post-natal exercise and all are skilled in providing modifications that will allow pregnant women or any other clients with physical limitations or injuries to maximize their workouts while minimizing potential risks.

Because my fingers are the only parts of my body that aren’t still twitching from my latest Lagree workout, I am going to celebrate Shannon’s happy news by knitting some booties. Speaking of booties, I should ask her why my glutes are screaming today. It could have been yesterday’s bungee kicks. Or perhaps it was Len who is sometimes a pain in the derriere. Or maybe it’s the strain of keeping Chris’s little secret . . .

Maxine Fischbein is a Calgary-based freelance writer and editor.

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