• In my class, you can expect: To get the most out of your workout with challenging moves, quick transitions, attention to form with hands on adjustments, and staying focused!
  • What sort of music can people expect in your class? Anything from 80’s Pop to EDM to House as long as it’s upbeat and LOUD.
  • If I was an ice cream flavor, I’d be: Chocolate chocolate chip cause you can never have enough chocolate.
  • Breakfast, lunch or dinner?: Dinner……..I live to eat and there are so many great options for dinner!
  • Bird, Cat, Dog, Goldfish, Hamster or Pot Belly Pig?  We had a 125lb Great Dane when I was a child. My dad used to make me walk him when I was 8 years old and all of 65lbs…needless to say, I’m a huge cat person now!
  • When I’m not instructing Lagree: I’m driving my 4 kids to activities and sometimes Lenny & I go on a grocery date……….if we’re lucky.
  • Guilty Pleasure: Lindt chocolate with hazelnuts.
  • You probably didn’t know that:  I still have my childhood Smurf collection and sticker book.

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