Working with Critical Alignment for 10+ years, Amber found Lagree in 2015 and loved how the slow precise movements helped her build strength for cycling, skiing and playing with her two little girls.  Amber is a movement junkie and body nerd who has been learning about pain science to deal with her own back pain. Combining her knowledge of Critical Alignment and natural movement Amber is looking forward to sharing this knowledge thru Happy Backs classes at Lagree YYC.


Brenna Snowdon

A competitive jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical, modern, and hip hop dancer, Brenna has always been passionate about Health and Wellness.  After cultivating a personal yoga practice for 10 years, Brenna retired from a promising corporate career and followed her passion to help people achieve their personal Heath and Wellness objectives.  With over 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training under her belt with a major focus on Critical Alignment and Functional Anatomy & Physiology, Lagree was a natural evolution for Brenna who loves Lagree because “the slower you go, the less you have to do!”


Cassandra Askew

Cassandra has been passionate about sports and leading an active lifestyle ever since she was tossed into the pool at the young age of 4. Swimming, both competitively and for pleasure became her way of life until she was introduced to other sports such as baseball, volleyball and horseback riding to name a few. Reoccurring back and ankle injuries, however, forced her to explore the mechanics and anatomy of the human body. She decided the world of exercise and therapy was her passion in life. Through the slow pace of Lagree Fitness, she feels both mental and physical health are achieved; and this method will benefit anyone’s life.



Eiro first discovered the Lagree Method in 2014 and instantly fell in love! She was drawn to how the Method hit all point of functional fitness and how she received cardiovascular benefits while strength training at the same time. Having embarked on a total health and wellness journey over the last year, Lagree has played a key role in her mental and physical transformation. Eiro hopes to be able to share that passion, and help others reach their fitness and health goals.


Helene Polyniak

Helene has always lived with fitness as a way of life. Participating in many competitive sports including NPAA (Natural Physique & Athletic Association). Pilates has been an integral part of her life for the past fifteen years with the last 10 as an instructor. Combined with an extensive weight training and Pilates’ background she modified the traditional reformer workout to be much more aggressive and challenging than traditional Pilates. Lagree and the Megaformer is the next exciting evolutionary step.



Focused and determined, Jessica brings a wealth of fitness and instruction experience to the Lagree team and every class she instructs.



In 2012, Jessica was approached to become a spin instructor. Without hesitation, she jumped at the opportunity. Experiencing her own personal struggle to stay fit and keep weight off, she knew if there was a way to encourage and motivate others to do the same, she was all in. Jessica has lost over 47lbs and has successfully kept it off (minus the weight she is gaining for her baby)! She is honoured to be a part of the Lagree YYC team and knows that this workout will change lives. She can’t wait to help you on your fitness journey.



Jodi has always had a love for being active. It started at an early age playing sports in school and being a competitive swimmer for many years. When that ended, she became an aerobics instructor to fill the athletic void. Since then she has become a personal trainer with the encouragement of her family and friends. It has been 12 wonderful years of doing what she loves. Jodi is very excited to be a part of a new family, as well as, a new way of getting an amazing workout with Lagree YYC and the Lagree Fitness Method.



With a Personal Training Specialist (PTS) certificate, Kenna wants to ensure her students get the greatest benefit out of every exercise by practicing proper form and technique. Kenna’s love for fitness began with bootcamp classes and quickly progressed to almost everything else! Some of her favorites include Barre, spin and of course Lagree! When she is not working, or working out, Kenna loves boating, camping, hiking, snowmobiling and skiing.

Kenna is excited to be with the Lagree YYC team because she can help people achieve their fitness goals, while motivating them to be the best versions of themselves. Nicknamed ‘Tiny but Mighty’ – Kenna’s contagious energy will guarantee you have the best full-body workout!


Kimberly Rothenberg

While welcoming & kind, don’t be deceived . . . Kim is no pushover!
“I like people to give it their all & I want them to get their money’s worth in every single workout.”
“I walked into my first Lagree workout confident that I was fit,” recalls Kim. “I was quickly humbled.”

Kim’s fitness philosophy is summed up in a single word: Balance. Though devoted to Lagree, she incorporates cycling, yoga, free weights & other equipment & methods in her personal fitness routine & encourages others to do so too.
“But if you can only do one thing, Lagree is probably your best option because it combines cardio, strength training, fat burning, endurance, balance & more into one efficient 45 minute high-intensity yet low-impact workout.”



A former High School teacher, Madison grew up in a family that was always active (ask her about nightly family power marathon walks to the library).  A runner and athlete from a young age, she sought out different ways of cross training so that she could run faster and smarter.

Madison loves movement and sees exercise as a way to find empowerment and achievement within oneself.  There’s no better high than thinking you can’t at first, then crushing something. Lagree can be extremely challenging, but it truly makes all other physical activity that much easier.  It’s the perfect blend of cardio, strength training and balance.  Madison fully believes whether you use it to compliment your training or as your sole workout – you will see results.


Matt Cornfield

Matt is a professional accountant who moonlights as a fitness instructor. Growing up playing every sport his parents would let him, Matt developed an early passion for fitness and has grown it to everything from spin, to long distance running and most recently the Lagree Method.  Matt is incredibly excited to be joining the Lagree YYC family and sharing his passion for fitness and personal growth with the community.  When not working or instructing, you can find this coffee enthusiast trying out Calgary’s hotspots.

“I love coffee and brunch, it’s one of the main reasons I work out… And peanut butter.”



An avid outdoor enthusiast, everything Melissa does is to condition her for her adventures. Whether it be snowmobiling, back-country snowboarding, golfing or wake-surfing, it has to be functional and build strength and flexibility. This is where Melissa found her passion for the Lagree Method.

Lagree just makes sense to me.  It’s the perfect blend of cardio, strength and flexibility!  If not for Lagree, I would have to go to multiple classes to find what I need.  Lagree does it all and the best part is, it’s safe and non competitive so the risk of injury is minimal.

Melissa has a background in teaching yoga, but don’t let that fool you.  You can expect a class with Melissa to be anything but Zen, expect energy and intensity that will motivate you to achieve your personal best!


Natascha Jurcic

Growing up, Natascha Jurcic was committed to her love of figure skating, skiing and all sports involving the great outdoors. Over 12 years ago, Natascha began her dedication to Pilates both as a student and instructor. She was first introduced to the Lagree Method a few years ago in LA and is very excited to teach this total body workout to all Calgarians!

Shannon Hagel is passionate about holistic nutrition and a certified Lagree fitness instructor.

Shannon Hagel

Shannon has always been passionate about health. After completing her certificate in holistic nutrition, she began exploring the fitness side of wellness, becoming a certified group fitness instructor in 2011. Becoming a fitness instructor has brought Shannon great joy, allowing her to help others achieve their fitness goals, as well as, helping her to achieve her own. She believes fitness should be fun and challenge the body and spirit. Her two greatest fitness achievements have been successfully climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and making it through 5 days of Lagree Fitness Instructor Training!”


Shannon Taylor

There’s nothing Zen about the Lagree workout, but if you seek a calm and relaxed atmosphere Shannon is the instructor for you. Must be her yoga background!
“I like to keep it fun and encourage others to try new things without being too hard on themselves,” says Shannon.
“At the same time, I love a good challenge like Scrambled Eggs [read Scrambled Legs!]. It’s full-body, complicated, and engages your core, obliques and arms, testing your balance,” adds Shannon, whose key Lagree advice is, “Take it slow… the slower the better.”
“Often people come in nervous. It makes my day when they make it through a tough class satisfied and confident.”



Tracie is on a mission to inspire wellness within her community. With a yoga certification and a Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS) certificate, she wants her students to understand that physical fitness is as beneficial to the mind as it is to the body. As a mom, Tracie tries to pass along this same message to her young kids while attempting to keep up with the demands of daily life herself – some days feel more balanced than others she openly admits! Tracie began her fitness journey as a figure skater and today trains for several triathlons per year. In addition to Lagree, she can usually be found teaching bootcamp, spin, yoga and running classes. Tracie loves Lagree, because it’s a low-impact workout that still challenges the body and the mind.